Brandon Moreno’s wife: All about Shirley Moreno

Brandon Moreno started his second stint as a UFC Flyweight Champion following his sensational victory over Kai Kara-France at UFC 277. Moreno had dominated the opening two rounds, but Kai began a resurgence in round three. Brandon killed Kara-France’s momentum with a vicious kick to the liver before finishing off his stricken opponent with punches. 

Moreno controversially lost the Flyweight championship to Dieveson Figueiredo at UFC 270. Dieveson entered the ring after Brandon’s win over Kai and suggested a rematch in his native Brazil. As expected, Brandon readily agreed. 

Brandon’s wife, Shirley Moreno, is occasionally ringside during Brandon’s matches and is doubtlessly celebrating her husband’s latest triumph. 

Brandon and Shirley have been married for over a decade

Brandon and his wife Shirley have been married for over a decade. Moreno was a teenager when he married Shirley, suggesting he and Shirley were high school sweethearts. 

Shirley is a secretive character and never speaks to the media about her life. She’s inactive on social media, having recently deleted her Instagram account. 

Brandon often posts Shirley on his Instagram page alongside captions celebrating the bond they share. 

Shirley was briefly in the headlines after Brandon suffered a nasty kick in the groin during his UFC 256 match against Deiveson. Moreno told TMZ that she was among the first to ask about the condition of his junk:

“In that moment, it was very painful. Was very, very painful because he throws a really, really hard direct to there. I don’t say it was intentional, but man it was a nasty kick directly to my balls. My wife asked me the same, ‘Hey you fine?’ Like, ‘Yeah baby, no problem.’”

Shirley and Moreno raise three daughters: Maddie, Megan, and Morgan

Moreno and Shirley welcomed Maddie in 2014. The couple’s oldest daughter has participated in competitive gymnastics since 2019. 

Megan, the middle child, had several health issues following her birth in 2018. Thankfully, she recovered and enjoys a healthy life.

The couple welcomed Morgan in 2021. The sisters often feature on dad’s social media posts and have a private Instagram account, @thethreelittlems, that’s run by Shirley and Brandon. 

Moreno told MMA Fighting that becoming a father changed his outlook on life. He explained:

“Being a father has changed my life in unimaginable ways; I’ve taken everything in a more serious way because I know that my wife and daughters wait for me at home and depend on me to move on. That’s not something I take lightly, and I think fans will see that in the Octagon.”

The children’s godparents are Jason House, Brandon’s MMA manager from Iridium Sports Agency, and his wife. Moreno shares a special relationship with House, whom he invited into the family following his championship win. Brandon told Fansided:

“We got to work together and the guy is just amazing. When you’re working with someone who can get the fights and have that relationship, it’s very special. He’s a great godfather and he’s a huge part of my team right now.”

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