Who is Everleigh Soutas’ real dad? His cause of death detailed

Everleigh Soutas is arguably the biggest star of the LaBrant online empire. Her mother, Savannah Rose, and her stepfather, Cole LaBrant, run the show, but Everleigh owns it. Everleigh is supremely talented, charismatic, and one of those people seemingly made for the camera. 

Soutas’ parentage has come under scrutiny following the passing of Tommy Smith, her biological father. Unless you are an ardent fan of Everleigh, you are unlikely to know Tommy. As far as we can tell, he hasn’t made any appearance on the LaBrant family channel following his bitter split from Soutas’ mom, Savannah. 

Tommy Smith reportedly passed away after suffering a seizure

Tommy Smith’s longtime girlfriend Courtney Santaella announced via Instagram that Smith was ‘unexpectedly taken to be with Jesus’ on 9th September 2022. “I wish this was a horrible nightmare,” Santaella wrote. She continued:

“What I do know for sure is that I would not be the woman I am today without you. You taught me so much and I am forever thankful that you came into my life and that we were able to make so many amazing memories together. I will cherish those and hold them so tightly to my heart the rest of my life.”

A Reddit thread started days after Tommy’s death said Tommy died after suffering a seizure, but the seizure’s cause remains unclear. One post reads:

“Tommy had a massive seizure that is believed to be drug-induced by something laced. Our sources can’t 100% confirm the cause of death at the moment. The family is likely getting an autopsy.”

Savannah posted a tribute to Tommy on her Instagram page, saying the family was grieving with heavy hearts. She asked fans to pray for Everleigh, who’d maintained a close bond with her father. Savannah wrote:

“As we navigate through this difficult time we kindly ask for privacy so that our family may continue to love on Ev, pray and grieve with her. Your prayers for Everleigh are so very appreciated.”

Given the LaBrant’s penchant for bearing out their souls on the internet, we expect a video about Tommy sooner rather than later. 

Savannah broke up with Tommy due to infidelity

Savannah got pregnant with Everleigh when she was 19. She and Smith had a tumultuous relationship due to Tommy’s roving eye. Savannah had seen cheating destroy her parents’ relationship and knew she had to break up with Tommy, regardless of Everleigh’s impending birth. 

“Not choosing the right guy and also just being cheated on by [my] boyfriend, I think it helped me understand how hurt my mom was [when she was] cheated on,” Savannah told People

Cole said the fact that he wasn’t Everleigh’s biological dad bothered him, but he never tried to replace Tommy. He said: “Obviously, I never want to take the spot of her real dad. She definitely knows she has two dads who love her so much.”

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