Is Hunter Doohan married? All about his husband

Hunter Doohan is one of the standout performers on Netflix’s Wednesday. Well, any character with a crush on Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams would’ve been considered a standout – but we aren’t taking anything away from Doohan’s showing. The town of Jericho has two kinds of people: Outcasts, who possess special powers, and ‘normies,’ who seem to be regular residents. 

Doohan’s character, Tyler, meets Wednesday at the coffee shop where he works. There’s more to Tyler than his feelings for Wednesday – his troubled relationship with his father and anger issues, for instance – but the overwhelming interest in Tyler stems from his interest in Jenna. 

This piece ignores Tyler and looks at Hunter Doohan’s love life. 

Hunter Doohan married law student Fielder Jewett in June 2022

Hunter Doohan is married to law student Fielder Jewett. The couple tied the knot in June 2022. 

“Trying to sum up your wedding day in an Instagram caption is hard,” Hunter wrote alongside Instagram photos of the ceremony. “It was absolutely the best day of our lives! Thank you to everyone who made it so special!”

It’s unclear when Doohan and Fielder started dating. Their first snap together on Instagram went live in 2018, suggesting their relationship started around that time. The photo shows the adorable pair enjoying the outdoors near a lake. “Goes camping once… Take me back!” Doohan wrote

Jewett proposed to Doohan on New Year’s Eve 2020. Doohan posted the special moment on Instagram, writing: “Is there anything more 2020 than an at-home proposal? I love you @fielderjewett! Can’t wait to marry you!”

Fielder’s Linkedin page shows he studied film at Wesleyan University from 2007 to 2011. He worked as an assistant and a creative executive for Super Crispy Entertainment for over five years before moving to freelance production. 

In August 2021, he stopped working to become a full-time law student at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Jewett’s Instagram is private, and he isn’t a celebrity, so there’s little public knowledge about him. 

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