Who are Jayda Curry’s parents? Is she related to Steph Curry?

Jayda Curry established herself as one of basketball’s top prodigies during her time at Corona Centennial High School. As the lead point guard, she led the school to its first-ever Southern California regional championship in one of the best individual seasons in California’s history. 

Curry silenced the doubters by seamlessly slotting into the California Golden Bears team. Jayda adapted to the collegiate game with characteristic efficiency, demonstrating that she was not only one of the top freshmen in the country but also one of the premier WNBA prospects. 

Jayda’s currently in her second season with the Golden Bears. 

Jayda was raised alongside three sisters in California by Gary and Robin Curry

Jayda was born on 2nd May 2003 to Robin and Gary Curry, who married in January 2000. She grew up alongside her older half-sister, Kayla, and two younger sisters, Layla and Ayva. 

Kayla, a journalist and an Instagram influencer, was the product of Robin’s previous relationship. On 16th June 2019, she described how lucky she was to have two fathers:

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad. Thank you for setting the standard and always exemplifying what it means to be a good man and an even better Father. I’m so fortunate to have not one, but two! Love you old heads.”

Jayda told CalHiSports.com that her family plays a crucial role in her life. Instagram photos posted by the basketball prodigy in December show a beaming family supporting Jayda as she signed with the Golden Bears. She said:

“They [family] have really helped me get to where I am today, and have shaped me into who I am. My mom, Robin Curry, is from Hamptom, Virginia, and my dad, Gary Curry, is from New York.”

Curry’s parents played sports as youngsters and introduced their children to sports

Gary and Robin played sports as youngsters: he played baseball while she played softball. They introduced their children to various sports; Jayda and her sister Layla gravitated to basketball. Jayda told The Daily Californian:

“[My parents] wanted to put us in sports and the first one was basketball, as it just so happened. We [Jayda and Layla] just grew to really love it and just want to always be in the gym. I don’t think that there was a specific reason, but they definitely chose the right sport, for sure.”

Jayda and Layla played together in high school, with the older sibling claiming most of the plaudits. The Golden Bears guard inevitably claimed the limelight, but she appreciated her sisters’ talent and impact on the team. Jayda said:

“Layla was a junior at Centennial this year, started for us, and played a major role this season. She often goes unnoticed, but truth be told we wouldn’t have been as successful as we were this season if she wasn’t on the team.”

Layla currently plays for the Lions of Loyola Marymount University. 

Jayda is not related to NBA legend Steph Curry

Jayda and Steph share a surname and jersey number but aren’t related. “I changed my number for a bit in high school, but 30 is my number again,” Jayda said, per SF Chronicle. “It’s cool to share with someone like [Steph Curry] being in the Bay Area.”

Jayda met Steph in January 2022 at the Warrior’s practice court inside Chase Center. “Now my life’s complete,” Jayda said. “Just being able to meet somebody you look up to and you watch their game … being able to meet him is just something surreal.”

“It definitely checks off something on the bucket list.” Steph praised Jayda, describing her performance as a collegiate freshman as ‘pretty unbelievable’. He continued:

“In my rookie year, she’s 5 or 6. That there’s an impact there is still surreal, crazy. Obviously, the coincidence with the last name, it’s pretty dope that she has an attachment to what I’ve done on the court, and wants to use that as inspiration for her career.”

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