Joy Taylor’s parents: Joy’s mom testified against her dad in a firearms trial

Joy Taylor demonstrated a love for media at a young age. She didn’t possess the athleticism of her siblings, so she performed mock interviews with anyone willing to indulge her. It surprised no one in her family when Joy joined Barry University to study broadcast journalism. At Barry University, she served as the manager for her school’s radio station.

Taylor has since risen the ranks at Fox and is an anchor on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Fox Sport 1. She is also the host of The Joy Taylor Show on Fox Sports Radio. 

Joy’s mom testified against her dad in a firearms-related case

Joy Allison Taylor was born on 17th January 1987 to Georgia and Anthony Taylor. Anthony adopted Georgia’s children after the couple wed. 

Allison remains close to her mom, as she demonstrated via May 2021 Mother’s Day post. “My mom is my favorite,” Joy wrote. “Anyone who knows Georgia knows why I am the way that I am the way that I am. Gigi is the best. I love you so much Ma! Happy Mother’s Day.”

Georgia and Anthony no longer share a cordial relationship. In December 2002, nearly the entire family testified against Anthony in a firearms-related case. 

Joy’s brother, former Miami Dolphins outside linebacker Jason Taylor, was injured as he attempted to disarm Anthony. “My wife was in there, my mom was in there, and the last I knew, the kids were in the house,” Jason told the court, per the SunSentinel

“I mean, Anthony could have gotten shot, I could have gotten shot.” Anthony faced charges of aggravated assault with a firearm for the December 2001 incident.

Jason stated that he had no relationship with Anthony. “There’s really not a relationship. If there’s a relationship, it’s very strained,” Jason said. Jason Taylor testified that Anthony had blocked the family members from attending Jason’s wedding in June 2021. 

Anthony was acquitted of the charges due to insufficient evidence. However, the verdict did little to help him mend relations with his family. 

Joy never mentions her dad on her Father’s Day posts, suggesting that the pair don’t have a cordial relationship.

Joy hails from a military family that she posts about on the internet

Joy is relatively secretive about her family, but she’s revealed that she hails from a military background. 

On Veterans Day, she posted a collage showing family members in the military. She attached the following caption:

“I come from a military family and I’m so grateful and proud of the sacrifices and service our family has given to this country. Thank you to all the Veterans today for your service!”

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