Roxanne Perez ethnicity & parents: Her family detailed

Roxanne Perez stared at the NXT Women’s Championship belt in teary disbelief after defeating former champion Mandy Rose in December 2022. Perez earned a shot at the title after defeating four challengers to win the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline. 

The 21-year-old was scheduled to fight Rose for the crown at New Year’s Evil, but Mandy attacked her during the opening of a mid-December NXT show. Perez responded by challenging Rose to a match, which became the show’s main event. 

“This is proof to every little girl out there that no matter what you tell yourself, no matter what doubts there are in your mind, it can happen,” Perez said. “You can become the NXT Women’s Champion.”

Roxanne Perez is of Hispanic descent, and her parents are from Lerado, Texas

Roxanne Perez was born Carla Gonzalez on 5th November 2001 to parents of Hispanic descent. Her mom, Christy Salinas, and dad, Rick Salinas, hail from Lerado, Texas. 

The couple married in 2004, three years after Roxanne’s birth. Rick’s first Instagram post, uploaded in December 2022, celebrated the couple’s anniversary. He wrote:

“Before the day ends, I want to wish my beautiful better half Happy Anniversary! We went on our first date 18 years ago today. We then decided to get married on this date 17 years ago. It’s been a crazy ride, but I won’t want it any other way! Love you Christy!”

Salinas responded to the post: “Love you hun! Cheers to 18 more if you can put up with me for more then YAY!”

Roxanne grew up alongside three sisters: Cassie, Raquel, and Becca. Rick and Christy are grandparents courtesy of Cassie, whose daughter Lexi arrived in November 2019. 

Christy often celebrates her family’s wins on social media. On 22nd October 2022, she expressed pride at Becca’s crowning as the cheerleader of the week. On 6th December 2022, Christy praised Raquel’s scholarly achievements, writing:

“One year since she was inducted into the elementary honor society and now she’s running for honor society president. My little smarty pants.”

Rick and Christy worked hard to ensure that Perez achieved her dreams

After Perez won the NXT Women’s Championship, Christy expressed her joy and pride on Instagram. She wrote:

“I absolutely could not hold in my emotions!! I’m still a mess!! Proud doesn’t even come close to describing what I feel!! You earned this, I love you so much babe!!”

Perez’s parents worked hard to ensure that their children achieved their dreams. Christy describes herself as a career woman on Instagram, and Rick is often at work at Laredo’s Fire Department. The posts on Christy’s IG page show that he misses many celebrations due to his work commitments. 

For instance, the couple went on their 2022 anniversary date a day late due to Rick’s work commitments. The family couldn’t celebrate Rick’s birthday on 11th November because he was working. “We will celebrate you soon,” Rick wrote.

Roxanne wrote on Instagram that she went through a lot to experience success, including arguments with her mom. The struggle paid off, as Perez expresses nothing but praise for Christy. “Nothing would be possible without you. Thank you for everything mami,” Perez wrote on Instagram on 15th October 2022. 

On Mother’s Day 2021, Roxanne wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who made everything possible. Can’t thank her enough for giving me her strength. No matter where I go, you’re always a part of everything I do. I love and miss you so much!”

Another person who’s contributed massively to Perez’s career is her trainer and mentor, Hall of Famer and NXT commentator Booker T. Booker said after Roxanne’s win that she views Perez as his daughter:

“As far as Roxanne goes, she’s like my daughter. She was about as big as my daughter when she first joined the school. To see her grow into what she has become, in such meteoric fashion, it’s been awesome. To see her go out there and win that match, which carved her a little piece of history, that’s awesome.”

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