Everything we know about Walker Scobell’s parents

Walker Scobell is the breakout star of Netflix’s The Adam Project – some even say he’s outshined co-star Ryan Reynolds, but that’s up for debate. The filmmakers picked Scobell from hundreds of applicants unaware of his near-obsession with Ryan’s Deadpool. Reynolds posted a video of Walker reciting, without missing a single expletive, a monologue in Deadpool

The Adam Project represents Walker’s first on-screen role. He seems destined for Hollywood stardom, having booked a role alongside Owen Wilson in the upcoming film Secret Headquarters

Scobell’s Instagram page has several photos of his parents, Pete and Melissa Scobell.

Pete Scobell was a Lieutenant in the US Navy before pursuing his passion for music

Pete Scobell joined the United States Naval Academy in 2003. Scobell graduated and rose to the rank of Lieutenant in the US Navy. 

After leaving the military, Pete became a competitive skier and, later, a mountain climber. Scobell then pursued his long-held passion for music. Scobell talked to Paste Magazine about the heartbreaking origins of his musical adventure: 

“I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide I want to be a musician. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. My mom was a music teacher. She died when I was 10 months old and she left all her instruments. That’s how I learned how to play. I was always trying to feel closer to her.”

Scobell tried to avoid music, but the universe always found a way to reconnect him to his passion. After suffering an injury during SEAL training, specialists used music to aid his rehabilitation. 

Scobell then suffered another injury during skiing, forcing him to occupy his time with music. “So I picked up my guitar again and focused on playing and writing,” he said. “And it became very clear to me: For some reason, God keeps putting this thing back in my hands.”

Pete’s breakthrough arrived after meeting Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser through the creators of The Hornet’s Nest, a war documentary. The pair invited him to record the song For the One’s I Stand Beside for the film. 

Wynonna and Cactus guided Pete through an uncertain period in his music career. They offered him the platform to succeed, and he used it to record and release his first album, Walking a Wire. Pete said:

“I’m really just focused on making good music that I enjoy playing and that’s meaningful to me. Everybody has life lessons, you just learn them in different places. Some of mine happen to be from my experiences in the military. That story might get people to listen to it one time.”

Walker’s mom keeps close tabs on him whether he is at home or away acting

Pete and Melissa reportedly met during their time at Fairview High School. The pair raise three children – Leena, Walker, and Tanner – in Carbondale, Colorado. 

Walker and Melissa share an exceptionally tight bond. Scobell told J-14 Magazine that his mom texts him a lot, where he is at home or away acting. 

“Every time I go on like a trip without her, she texts me like every second, asking if I’m okay and [saying] she misses me,” Walker said. “She’s the best. My mom sometimes, if I’m like in Vancouver, she’ll wait till I go to bed to text me, even though it’s way later there.”

In October 2020, Scobell wished Melissa a happy birthday via Instagram. “I love you to the moon and back!” Walker wrote. “And like I explained in my last post about dad, that is a very, very, very long away.”

The ‘last post about dad’ was a happy Father’s Day post dedicated to Pete in June 2020. Walker wrote:

“Happy Father’s Day Dad!!! I am not very good at writing those moving and inspirational paragraphs so I love you to the moon and back which is about 480,000 miles so that pretty much explains itself. Love you Dad, Walker.”

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