Who is J Prince Jr? All about him

The details about Takeoff’s fatal shooting in Houston are still unclear as new information trickles in. One video that has captured people’s attention appears to show J Prince Jr. walking past Takeoff’s body while Quavo screams for help. Reports also allege that Quavo was arguing with J Prince Jr. moments before the shooting. @raphousetv2 tweeted:

“Quavo was reportedly arguing with J Prince Jr. before Takeoff’s tragic demise. According to witnesses and video footage released. A tragedy that could have easily been avoided.”

Fans are angry at J Prince Jr. for his apparent indifference to Takeoff’s death. 

J Prince Jr. is the founder of Mob Ties fashion label and owns a restaurant in Houston

J. Prince Jr. is one of James Prince’s three sons. James is the co-founder and CEO of Houston-based record label Rap-A-Lot and has managed the careers of boxers such as Shakur Stevenson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Prince Jr. is the CEO and founder of the fashion label Mob Ties. He also owns Outside Restaurant, a sports bar in midtown Houston, and manages rapper Finesse2tymes. Prince Jr. talked to Dazed Digital about his impact on the community:

“One thing I was always taught by my father is: ‘Never forget where you come from.’ “There’s nothing better than being able to come back to your community and give them drive, give them inspiration, and be able to influence the ones that come from your environment.”

Fans have blasted J Prince Jr. for casually walking past Takeoff’s body

The conversation about J Prince Jr. and Takeoff revolves around the concept of ‘checking in.’ In the gang world, ‘checking in’ means getting permission to roam freely in a gang’s territory. 

Quavo ‘checked in’ with the Prince brothers after arriving in Houston, as shown by an Instagram video of Jas Prince driving him and his half-brother to the ill-fated party. Allegedly Takeoff didn’t ‘check in’ with the Prince brothers and arranged his transportation to the venue. 

After ‘checking in,’ the gangsters become responsible for the visitor’s safety. Those who don’t ‘check in’ aren’t guaranteed to remain safe. Rumors claim Takeoff was shot because he didn’t ‘check in’ with the local gang. 

Fans have blasted J Prince Jr. for walking past Takeoff’s body. The move has sparked speculation that J Prince Jr. was somehow involved in the shooting. @dbewsr tweeted:

“Another dead black man in Houston under J Prince Jr. watch. You mobb ties niggas ain’t protecting shit. Seems like a lot of black men killing black men around y’all.” 

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