22 Stunning Looks With Side Swept Bangs

They may not be new to the hair world, but side swept bangs have remained a staple for a reason. This type of fringe provides an easy way to add instant pizzazz to your hair, and they are
flexible, too. You can feather and flip them out, seamlessly feed them into soft layers, or chop them up to frame your face whichever way you choose.

Side swept bangs are versatile, too. Cut them to play up your best features, minimize others, or literally transform the appearance of your face. They are even great for updos because they can be left down to elegantly shape your eyes and cheekbones.

The Best Bangs For 2021

Check out the top 22 styles of all hair types, lengths, and textures that are popular for this year.

Layered Side Bangs on Medium Hair

Think that your thick hair needs a heavy-feeling fringe? That’s certainly not the case when you introduce gorgeous layers and side bangs into your haircut.

Long layers add essential movement that make dense hair feel light as a feather while still maintaining your envious volume.

Wispy Ringlets

Show off your curly locks and tight coils with easy side bangs. This look works best with an easy side part and a layered cut that helps to distribute bulk.

While a straight-across fringe can easily look silly, these side bangs naturally follow your part. Cut them so that your eyebrows peek through, helping to elongate the appearance of your face.

Flipped Long Bangs and Layers

We can thank 90s queens like Topanga and Cher from Clueless for this sleek blown-out hair that makes ultra-thick locks look even sexier. This hair is designed to be flipped and tousled so you can move your fingers through it.

To get the movement just right for this style, your layers should start at your chin. A little dry shampoo will go a long way to give this hair some excellent hold.

Bouncy and Long for Thick Hair

Calling all thick-haired babes! This style is cut much like a shag, meaning it’s great at distributing weight. Lots of bouncing layers make hair feel lighter while accentuating that envious ‘do.

You can enhance a totally different aspect of your face with rounded French bangs as opposed to a flipped out or feathered cut. Lengthen a short chin and show off pretty lips with these curtain-like bangs.

Loads of Layers

Luckily, layered hairstyles never go out of fashion. Tons of face-framing layers may feel very 90s, (think “The Rachel”) but it’s the smooth, swept-back look of these long bangs that bring the look into 2021.

Play with length as you desire here. Medium length is always a safe bet, especially if you’ve got an oval face shape.

Spiky Pixie Bangs

If short hair is more your speed, then this spiky pixie may be just the look you need. Typically, bangs look great with short hair, but now is your chance to play with the unexpected.

Cut long layers throughout your angled bangs. The longer the better, especially if you have an oval face shape or a tall forehead.

Blunt Lines for Fine Hair

Add a touch of softness to your look with these blunt-cut bangs. While razor-cut edges add structure to soft face shapes, bangs cut on the gradient has the opposite effect – and makes thin hair look thicker.

Luckily, blunt cut angled bangs are suitable for every hair type. They work particularly well by adding interest to medium-length hair, as seen here.

Deep Flip for Textured Waves

Mermaid waves aren’t just for long hair. This tousled, laid back style is so on-trend right now and long, swept-over bangs only work to enhance this vibe.

Medium-length hair is great, but long side bangs that mirror your jawline add the oomph your haircut needs.

Soft Bangs Mullet

If that sounds like an oxymoron, it’s not. Lovely side-swept bangs are often just the touch needed to add a feminine edge to a mullet cut.

Mullets are very trendy right now, and side bangs that reveal your eyes and eyebrows frame a face beautifully. Ask your stylist for seamless layers and to avoid any choppy layers.

Long Bangs for Medium Thin Hair

Sometimes, side bangs add much-needed shape, especially if your hair is on the thinner side. Long surface layers make hair appear thicker and a side part with long bangs emphasizes shape.

For an easy day-to-day look, try a tousled, bed-head vibe. Wispy pieces communicate ease and a laidback energy.

Feathery Flip

Create envious movement without sacrificing too much weight from your hair. A feathered look focuses attention outward, making it perfect for creating narrowness when coupled with slimming side swept bangs.

To mirror medium to long length hair, your bangs should be cut long so they skim over your cheekbones.

Easy Tousled Bangs and Balayage

Nothing says effortless quite like this medium tousled style. Balayage only enhances that lived-in feel that also happens to look pulled-together.

These bangs should be cut so they just skim over your eyebrows. Don’t worry about fullness, a touch of see-through elongates the face.

All About the Angles

For a slimming and enhancing effect, try gradual and smooth bangs on long locks. This look is all about layers around the face to draw all the attention to where it’s desired most.

To achieve this style, utilize a round brush when blowing out hair. Make sure that your hair is blown out away from your face as well.

Casual Bob

It doesn’t get much easier- or more stylish- than a simple bob hairstyle. Side bangs, however, promise to kick it up a notch.

There is nothing choppy about this look, yet your stylist will most likely use a razor to cut your fringe on a fine slope. This style is perfect for giving some shape and oomph to thin, fine locks.

Choppy Side Bangs on Short Hair

Side bangs are great for drawing attention to one’s eyes, which is perfect for an aging face working against gravity.

A sassy bob provides a little adventure with a youthful flair for mature women. If your hair is straight, then go for these choppy side bangs.

Cheekbone Skimming Fringe

Feeling something a little sophisticated, but still sexy? This gorgeous fringe is long and sweeping, making it great for shortening a long face shape.

Not only that, but it can also conceal a long forehead by introducing full yet slimming lines. Hair should cover one eye, however, so make sure that is something you can handle before you commit to a full chop.

Baby Bangs Shag

Shags are perfect for eliminating lots of bulk on thick hair. While some shags have a curtain middle part, a side part is excellent for a round, heart, or diamond face shape.

To go along with this quirky style, your bangs should fall well above the eyebrow. To mirror the fringe, shorter layers should be cut around the top of the head.

Relaxed Bardot Bangs

This look plays off the popular Bardot bangs that are distinctly parted in the middle, also known as curtain bangs. A side bang is a little more approachable and fits all face shapes.

Instead of straight down the middle bangs like true Bardot, you can make your part accentuate your best side and to create the best shape to suit your face.

Feathered Blonde Bombshell

Don’t let those beautiful blonde balayage highlights go to waste. A feathered blonde ‘do with a long, swept-over fringe spices up long locks.

Keep your layers focused to the front sections of your hair. Long layers cut throughout provide movement and an overall cohesiveness.

Soft and Cascading Side Fringe

Gorgeous side bangs can be perfect if you want to switch up your long hair without making any serious chops. This look is super hydrated, which only enhances your hair’s rich color.

To really open up your face and elongate your neck and jawline, flip your hair out and away from your face as you style. When cutting, ask your stylist for a seamless blend between your long bangs and layers.

Short Bangs on Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bobs are truly chic, but they can be a little severe, especially on an oval face shape. Soft eyebrow-skimming side bangs, however, add just the right touch.

To continue with the face-framing appeal given by side bangs, ask your stylist to cut bangs on the other side of your head. This will also give you more flexibility in terms of styling.

Salty Tousle

This tousled shoulder-length chop is all about gritty texture and volume. These bangs look great tossed over, adding sexy shape and a sensual roundness to square and diamond-shaped faces.

Let this hairstyle soften your jawline while adding height and volume to hair that runs on the finer side. To style, use a salt spray on wet or dry hair. You may need to hit it with a touch of dry shampoo or a root lifting spray.

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